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    • Appraisal

      An appraisal is an opinion - backed and supported by training, equipment and experience - of authenticity, quality design, and value of a piece of jewelry. Most people commonly believe that the declared price is the most important aspect of an apprai…

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    • Jewelry Repair

      R.C. Wahl Jewelers is a traditional full service jeweler. We understand that every piece of jewelry, whether it is a piece purchased at Wahl Jewelers or a family heirloom, needs to be beautifully designed, maintained and repaired. That is why we off…

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    • …More

      From watch and jewelry repair to gifts, you can trust R.C. Wahl Jewelers.  Five generations of jewelers in America and in the same location since 1949, we know customer satisfaction.  We are committed to having a personal relationship with everyone…

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  • Testimonials

    • I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with
      your service and the beautiful ring you sold to me to give to my wife
      for our 10th Anniversary. This was all done via phone and email (so I
      could surprise her) as I wanted you to match the “look” of her
      engagement ring that you made 11 years ago, when I lived in the area. I
      now live in Massachusetts. Bravo to a beautiful ring delivered on time
      and also engraved perfectly. My wife was so surprised she started to cry!

      David Stotzer
    • “Having just moved to Des Plaines and getting married in September, we were looking for a local jeweler for our wedding rings. During a walk around town I noticed R.C. Wahl Jewelers and was pleasantly surprised by the long history in the jewelry business. I stopped in to get a feel for the store and was greeted by Peg who was knowledgeable and so patient….Thanks, Peg.
      We came back the following evening and met the manager, Heather Wahl who was a great help in choosing the ring and talking about sapphires as a center stone. We were thrilled and so pleased that on her trip to the Atlanta Gem Show, she would personally look for the two stones to fit our rings. WOW ! What great service! The following week we received a call from her saying Mission Accomplished….she has the stones !
      Our rings will be exactly what we wanted due to the extraordinary customer service of Wahl Jewelers. Thank you so much for making us feel so special.”

      Joan T.
    • “Thank you for helping us select the perfect ring to reset our special family diamond!”

      Phillip K.
    • “Truly enjoy shopping at Wahl Jewelers they have such unique pieces of Jewelry. You won’t see the items they have anywhere else.”

      Margie T.
    • “R.C. Wahl Jewelers is the only jeweler four generations of my family has shopped with. They have an amazing selection, exceptional customer service and the best price for outstanding quality pieces. Thank you Wahl Jewelers for being a special part of our family and always making our jewelry dreams a reality.”

      Kalyn J.
  • News

    • Holiday Hours are Here!

      Yep.  It's that time of year where Santa's elves put in some longer hours, making sure your own elves have time to make that Holiday Magic happen. …

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    • Safe Trick or Treat in Des Plaines

      Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, the Safe Trick or Treat in Des Plaines is an annual event.  R C Wahl Jewelers is an enthusiastic participant, maki…

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    • Heather in Antwerp!

      Diamond Hunting in Antwerp July has been a special time here at Wahls.  Heather Wahl has traveled to Antwerp and Amsterdam in search of diamonds!…

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