• Robert Wahl

    At the pinnacle of R C Wahl Jewelers is Robert C Wahl. Robert began work at a very early age and made his first ring at the age of six. Following in his father’s, grandfather’s and great grandfather’s footsteps, he was destined for jewelry. He officially joined Wahl Jewelers of Des Plaines in 1965. In […]

  • Barba Wahl

    Barba D Wahl has been the driving force behind the look and feel of R C Wahl Jewelers. It has been her unerring sense of style and design that not only gave us the store we have when it was rebuilt in 1990, but the selection and breadth of offerings we have in the cases […]

  • Heather Wahl

    Heather Wahl is the heir of both Robert’s expertise and managerial skills and Barba’s artistic sensibilities. She earned a double BA from Cornell College in Business and Psychology. She also earned her Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. Heather brings R C Wahl Jewelers into the 21st century with creating our website, […]

  • Parker Wentzel

    Parker Wentzel is our newest team member.  He’s had a long association with Wahl Jewelers, and has now officially joined us, with his enthusiasm and energy.  Parker has a wide array of knowledge.  He’s just finished intensive training in Rolex and is one of our ‘go to’ experts in Rolex.  And like all R C […]

  • Georgia Philippe

    Georgia Philippe has spent years on the bench of R C Wahl Jewelers. Georgia has a BFA from the University of Illinois in Metals and a Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA. She does the repair work and specializes in custom design in freehand and on our CAD design program.  She also does cloisonné enameling.  She […]

  • Erik Schweppe

    4Erik is our newest team member and comes to us with a very diverse background.  His education includes a BS in business from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  After service in the US Army as an officer and Ranger, Erik worked in the import/export of art & […]

  • Peg Sebastian

    Peg Sebastian is the fulcrum of R C Wahl Jewelers. She has been here 1985, serving our guests and keeping all the behind-the-scenes organized and coordinated. She’s the woman everyone knows and trusts, and her long term guests all appreciate her unerring good taste and knowledge of their previous acquisitions. She helps people create their […]

  • Deanna

    Deanna is the newest member of the R C Wahl Jewelers family.  She has a degree from Western Illinois University in design, merchandising, textiles and art, and has spent her life creating quality experiences.  She’s worked in high end finishes for years, and is now translating that into fine jewelry.  With her exacting eye for […]