We’re Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

We all love our pets, and all of us here have at least one.  So to celebrate our love of our Fur Partners, we have found a great line of ways to show your love.

First, we have sterling silver pendants, with a variety of cats and most dog breeds.  All are engravable, all have CZs for sparkle and all have a paw print dangling from 18 inch chains.  Extremely affordable at $75, you can show your whole pack (or clowder)!

In addition, we have a fabulous service available.  You can have your Fur Baby’s nose or paw print etched into a silver or gold disk.  Their actual print, as distinct as a finger print.  We can take a photo or an inked print and have it made.  And in case there is a special human in your life, we can make a disk with their fingerprint too!  Babies, grandbabies or that Special Someone, all can be forever near your heart.