Francesca Chiodo

Francesca Chiodo

Meet Francesca, our vivacious Jewelry Sales Associate with a heart as old-school Italian as a classic spaghetti recipe! Passion courses through her veins, from her love for good music (think 80s beats) to a cinematic obsession with Goodfellas—her favorite mob flick, where diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but loyalty is a close second.

Francesca's creative prowess isn't just confined to jewelry; she's a classically trained dancer, pirouetting through life with grace and flair. Her unique eye for jewelry is more finely tuned than a well-aged Chianti. Francesca doesn't just sell jewelry; she curates stories, each piece a note in her symphony of style.

In her world, every sale is a performance, and every customer walks away not just with a piece of jewelry but with a touch of Italian charm. Join Francesca on a journey where every purchase is a dance of elegance and laughter!