Georgia Philippe

Georgia Philippe
Graduate Gemologist/Jeweler

Georgia Philippe has spent decades on the bench and behind the microscope at RC Wahl Jewelers.  After all of those years she has decided to take a step back from full time work at the store and these days, she is with us part time.  She is responsible for appraisals as well as some of the bench and repair work done at RC Wahl.  She is happiest when she has a week’s worth of work in front of her and more coming in.

Georgia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois in Metals and she is also a Gemological Institute of America Graduate Gemologist.   She is well-versed in our CAD design program and can work with clients to give their concept form and life. 

She has extensively studied cloisonné and plique-a-jour enameling and makes beautiful works of art both as professionally and as a hobby.  Her expertise in this field is such that she has taught jewelry design and enameling.

Georgia has that rare blend of creativity and technical ability which helps give every guest the potential to express their concepts and her bench abilities allows them to create their vision in a mechanically sound way.  

Too often “custom” jewelry is executed in a manner which leads to both artistic and mechanical failure of the piece.  Georgia not only insists that the piece be what her clients want, but that it will hold up to the intended wear – if you design a custom engagement ring, Georgia will make sure you can wear it every day with only occasional inspection and maintenance!

Georgia is an avid fan of science fiction horses and bison and is ruled over by her dog Ming (The Merciless, Emperor of the Galaxy.)