Heather Wahl

Heather Wahl
Graduate Gemologist & Owner

Heather Wahl is the driving force and vision of RC Wahl Jewelers. She is the heir of both Robert’s technical expertise and Barba’s artistic sensibilities.

As noted in the store history, she began her understanding of the business at a young age. Her folks like to joke that she worked her first full day at the age of six weeks and there are family photos of her in a baby swing in the store.

She earned a double BA from Cornell College in Business and Psychology. She also earned her Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. A graduate gemologist is required to be able to identify a multitude of different gemstones. It is with this eye for detail that she has taken control of the store.

Heather is responsible for RC Wahl adapting to the technological environment in which the modern jewelry designer and retailer operates. She is responsible for the creation of three websites for the store, the continuous updates to our IT and inventory systems, and most recently bringing in one of the most advanced computer graphic jewelry design program available for jewelers. As a result of her evolutions, our clients can now restyle or create new pieces of jewelry and see it on screen fully rendered before any physical work towards the ring has begun.

Perhaps most importantly, Heather has taken over from Barba the selection of our jewelry, picking new designers and diverse styles. She selects all of the loose diamonds for the store and you can be assured that whatever diamonds we have in our store, she has personally given them her approval. It is her mission that any of our clients can find something wonderful, whatever occasion and whatever their budget.

In those few hours a week she’s not at the store, Heather enjoys good bourbon, good barbecue or excellent seafood. She spends time hiking with Parker and Layla (our store mascot, a boxer/American Staffordshire terrier mix) and loves a good yoga class.