Parker Wentzel

Parker Wentzel
Diamond and Gemstone Specialist

“Time is our most valuable commodity. We can never get any more of it and it is up to us to guard it carefully.”

Parker came to Wahl Jewelers after a long unofficial relationship with the store. He was a client of RC Wahl’s for nearly two decades before he ever considered a career in the jewelry industry. Parker has always had an appreciation for well-made items.  Whether a piece of jewelry or a custom knife, it must be made to exacting standards or else it has little value to him.

Parker has a passion for diamonds. It is completely rewarding to show a diamond to someone for the first time and feel their excitement as the diamond works its magic, breaking light into hundreds of rainbows, brilliant flashes of light and dazzling sparkle. The first time someone meets the perfect diamond for them is a wonderful moment and needs to be experienced to be understood.

In addition to diamonds, Parker loves working with our clients to restore heirloom and vintage jewelry, either thru a complete restoration of a special family piece to its original glory, or the re-working of that same piece to a special one-of-a-kind creation which will allow them to put a special and personal touch on a treasured heirloom. Our history and heritage are important cornerstones of who we are, and a piece of our family history, particularly one we can see as we wear it, can be a very powerful emotional talisman for us.

Parker is also a dedicated collector of fine knives and you’ll most often find him with something special that either was made by a good friend or superbly engraved by our hand-engraving specialist. His grandfather taught him the importance of fine tools and he’s carried this message forward to a new generation of young collectors, reminding them that not only are these are most important and oldest tools, they are also a mark of who we are.

Stop by and talk with him about diamonds, jewelry, knives or pretty much anything else!