Ring Styles


Rings in this category are typically Yellow Gold, White Gold or Platinum and are often sets, with engagement and wedding bands together.  They frequently have side stones and decorative designs but can also be solitaires.


Rings must be at least 75 years old to qualify for being considered ‘Antique.’ They will typically have rose cut or miners cut diamonds, a large amount of milgrain beading and hand engravings.

Art Deco

Art Deco rings tend to have a distinctive style with geometric designs and architectural elements such as angles, curves and repeating patterns. They can have milgraining or other detail work.



Classic styles have elements that have stood the test of time and are still popular, such as baguette cut diamonds, clean lines, channel setting and lack of milgraining or engraving.


Estate style jewelry is noted for being on the flashier side: ornately designed necklaces or rings filled with diamonds fall under this category. One may even find brooches in the shapes of various plants that also have diamonds included in them. Estate jewelry is typically categorized by being 50 years old or more


Vintage rings are typically categorized as being 100 years old or more.  It is used to describe either pieces that are of that age or modern pieces done in the style of that time, using filigree, milgrain, many tiny diamonds, bead setting, all with a delicate look and usually in white metal. Mid-century jewelry style is usually yellow, large expanses of metal with larger, single stones with clean, simple lines.

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