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Love Stories

Tim & Valerie Tim & Valerie

Tim & Valerie

Tim and Valerie met thru an online dating app and Valerie wasn’t entirely onboard at first – Tim was somewhat younger and Valerie was unsure if ...

Erin & Joe Erin & Joe

Erin & Joe

On Sunday June 14th 2015, on a Starbucks patio was the start of our first date, a 10 hour first date.  Little did we know ...

Justin & Désirée Justin & Désirée

Justin & Désirée

Long Distance Romances CAN Work OutIn 2015, Désirée, a German native, was lost in Chicago, wandering Michigan Avenue. A gentleman, Justin, approached and asked if ...

Jason & Rob Jason & Rob

Jason & Rob

GOOD THINGS COME WHEN LEFT TO FATEWe've all heard it or said it at one point or another. "You'll find what you're looking for when ...

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