Laser Repairs

Laser Repairs

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Laser Welding is technique used for specific applications in the repair and restoration of delicate jewelry.

Certain styles of jewelry, particularly delicate detail and antique filigreed pieces require the use of a laser welder to repair and restore them versus the use of a torch.

Some gemstones, such as emerald and tanzanite, require the use of a laser to repair the metal around them because these stones are susceptible to damage when the metal around them is heated with a torch.

Laser Welding uses a laser to offer very precise (pinpoint) application of heat to weld and fuse metal, versus heating the metal and solder to create a join in the metal. The benefit of this precision is not only do we avoid contacting the stones, but the heat is instantaneously sufficient to fuse the metal and then cools immediately when the laser is removed a split second later.

The precise control allows us to repair and restore antique and estate pieces which have fine detail work which would otherwise be lost to the heat of a torch, but also allows us to work on pieces which would otherwise be a much more complicated and risky repair, such as replacing prongs on an emerald ring.

Laser welding can be slightly more expensive than traditional methods of repair, but the benefits of laser welding for projects such as described above, the cost is well-justified and certainly offers a far safer and more satisfactory option for delicate projects.

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