My fiancé and I came in today searching for a specific model Rolex. I must say this has been one of the better shopping experiences we have had in a long time. We were treated like family, yet it was our first time in the store. Parker (and everyone) made ... us feel welcome. He took the time to get to know us and made this a fantastic experience. I brought in a watch as a trade and was pleased that we were able to make a fair deal. I left with a new watch and earrings for my fiancé We could not be more pleased. The professionalism and family atmosphere make this jewelry store stand out in all the right ways. We will be making R.C. Wahl our family jeweler from this day forward. Read More
We love Wahl Jewelers! Their jewelry is beautiful with outstanding quality. We love Heather, Parker and staff- they are knowledgeable and always very helpful!
Where to begin? What an incredible small family owned business! I have taken advantage of multiple services they offer. I especially recommend having Heather design a jewelry piece. If you are willing to pay a little extra for one of a kind piece, it will pay off. Make sure to ... be clear and honest on what you like/don’t like. And keep an open mind because she does not disappoint. I had Heather re-design a beautiful yellow diamond ring from my late mother-in-law. Let’s just say I love it as much as my wedding ring! It was flawless. I also had multiple drawers of my late mother-in-law’s jewelry appraised. Georgia took one hour to go through it ($75 hourly rate). My husband and I were worried about being short changed by pawn shops so we thought it best to go to a reputable jewelry shop. A great decision as she was honest, thorough and trustworthy. They offered the market scrap price of any silver or gold for a store credit (which I used towards my re-design). They do not buy pieces only scrap. I can not recommend these lovely people enough. They changed our watch batteries ($10 a piece), they have a stunning collection of jewelry. Most importantly they are professionals (who know their stuff) and offer the highest level of customer service. Read More
Wahl Jewelers has an excellent reputation. I have been a resident of Des Plaines since 1972 and today was the first time I was a customer even though friends and family members have been for years. The staff is not only friendly and knowledgeable but the epitome of professionalism. I ... brought a piece of jewelry in to be engraved and was told it might take a week due to the holidays. Approximately 3 to 4 hours later I received a text that the piece was completed. It is so refreshing to find a business that takes such pride in what they do. I even met the Jeweler who engraved the piece. Their kindness goes above and beyond as I witnessed their thoughtfulness towards a gentleman who was somewhat developmentally challenged. They helped to make him feel so comfortable. Thank you so much Parker, Deanna and Georgia. Read More

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